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Pepparrotsbadet is open. Due to Covid-10 restriction you need to book tickets in advance before you visit Pepparrotsbadet.

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About Pepparrotsbadet

Pepparrotsbadet is a modern bathing facility with a wide range of activities. Choose between training in the 25-meter pool, play in the water slide, recreation in the relaxation area where you will find different kind of saunas, an infinity pool and a jacuzzi. In Pepparrotsbadet you will also find a rehab pool. There is a café serving a light menu every day.

Pepparrotsbadet is situated in Enköping, close to the city centre. There is a car parking outside the facility.

After you have visited Pepparrotsbadet you can experience the city of Enköping. The town as well as the countryside have a lot to offer. Here you can find recreational areas, historical sites and where to shop art and crafts. And of course the the public parks. In the public gardens in Enköping you will find hundreds of different varieties of perennials, bulbs and ornamental grasses. We are generously using them in our big planted areas and flowerbeds. Together with common and uncommon trees and shrubs they will give you exciting experiences of colours, shapes and forms as well as variation. You can walk from one park to the other just to find that they are all different. Some are small pocket parks, others are bigger, aimed for games and picnic. The queen of them all is Drömparken with more than 200 different perennials. Even in our roundabouts, along streets and in squares we use tall and lush plants. It makes you feel that the entire town is embedded in greenery.

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